Yesterday morning, I literally woke up to an email with the subject of “Miss Teen Galaxy Pageant 2021” and was told that if I wanted to, confirm my position as a Finalist this year in the Miss Teen Galaxy Pageant! OMG I WAS SO HAPPY! So initially I was supposed to compete last year, but because of Covid, we wanted to be on the safe side and I asked if they could hold a position for me next year. Thankfully, they didn’t forget about me haha and this year I can take part!

I have always been into Fashion, Beauty and Make-up since I was young and I came across an application for The Miss Teen Galaxy Pageant 2019/2020 through StarNow. I read up about it and decided to sign up, and spent all Summer saving up to be able to pay off the fees and maintain a spot. It was so exciting: I was sent a SASH (so cooool!) and I was featured on their website as a Finalist.

I am so ready to compete this year and so excited, even though I have no experience in pageanting before haha.

I will let you guys know more when things are more finalized! xxx