I’m sure we can all agree that makeup isn’t exactly the cheapest thing out there, especially when there are brands such as Dior and Chanel selling products for £100s. I can easily say that I don’t have that kind of money, especially to be spending on makeup. I love makeup and wear it almost every day, whether it’s for a shoot or a natural look for college. Over the past couple of years, I’ve tried many brands and products to find the best ones for my skin, complexion and my bank lmao.

Today I’ll be listing some products I use on a regular basis that are affordable, accessible and work greatly!


This Elf concealer comes in so many shades, is very affordable and contains a lot of product in the tube. I bought mine from Superdrug but you can get yours from Amazon, Boots and, of course, the Elf website. I would recommend this product for more of a medium-full coverage use, so perfect for a heavier look.

If you won’t take my word for it, just look at the ratings from the 7k+ people who’ve used it 👀



Now, foundation is usually quite pricy and I’ve never been too keen on spending over £10 for a foundation, even though that’s considered cheap for many people. But I was on the hunt to find something cheaper and still get amazing results! I typically buy my makeup from Superdrug, and I asked an employee which Collection foundation she’d recommend me to buy. There were two types I could have gotten: matte or glow. Apparently, the matte foundation has many good reviews but I went for the glow one as I like more of a dewy look. Plus the foundation would go matte anyway with powder. Anyway, this foundation is so good! Great colour match, full coverage and dewy just like it says. Definitely recommend!



Trust me I was shocked too. But this eyeliner from Primark lasted for a couple of years and was literally only £2.50 I think! The ink was strong, proper black and had two sides to it, one fine and thin and the other thick and angular. It’s very light, compact and like I said, SUPER affordable.

(I can’t find any pictures of this eyeliner…)



I used to use this highlighter almost every day a few years ago and it was so good! This highlighter stick is by Technic and only costs a couple a quid. It is creamy, smooth and has a very nice subtle glow. If you’re getting started with makeup, I definitely recommend using technic products as they’re affordable good to use. (I still use a lot of there products)



Bronzer is my favourite makeup product as it just adds such a nice glow and light contour to your face. I’ve tried a couple of different bronzers, and this is one is great for its price. These are bronzing pearls, which are quite fun to use. Just take your brush and mix it around the pearls and apply it to your “contour points”. It has a lot of pink tones so you can get away with using it as a bronzer as well as a blush.

(I don’t think it’s properly branded so you can only get it from limited places or check online)

So here are a few products which I use regularly and they honestly do a great job! You can find them either online or at different stores, definitely recommend trying these out if you’re low on a budget 🙂 Let me know in the comments if you found this post useful and if you’d like similar articles to these. Leave suggestions down below!