Makeup is one of those things where you want to use it in a way so it doesn’t look cakey. There are many different ways to apply makeup. Everyone has their own order, techniques and products they use to make their makeup look flawless. But there might be a few mistakes you’re unknowingly making, resulting in your makeup looking cakey and overall not great. Today is the day I spill all those small mistakes so you can avoid them in your next look!


Skincare, in general, is a big step to include before your makeup routine which you shouldn’t ever miss! First make sure to cleanse your face to remove any dirt and oils before applying any products to your face. Then go in with a generous amount of moisturiser to really hydrate your skin and make it soft and smooth. If you apply cream products to a dry face, your foundation and concealer will become patchy as it’s not able to blend into the skin. Look for some serums, primers or even face mists to really get your face hydrated and prepped before makeup.

Is anyone else a fan of the clean makeup look that was trending last year? I’m a big fan as I think it’s a perfect minimal look for school or work when you just want to wear something little and feel fresh. Click here or the image above for my take on the “no makeup makeup look tutorial! It’s super easy, quick and all about enhancing your natural features for a beautiful glowy look.


Like I said before, everyone has their own makeup routine and steps they follow. However if your look is turning out more cakey, try using more cream products than powder. Powder products are literally pressed over each other, layering that dryness, however cream products blend into each other, looking more natural. Powder products are perfect for a more full look as it’s matte, but cream products are great to avoid that cakey texture and look more glowy.


I think it’s good to know your skin type so you can buy appropriate makeup products accordingly. There are 5 skin types: dry, oily, normal, combination (dry + oily) and sensitive. If you have dry skin, avoid using powder products or matte finishing foundations as they don’t usually have hydrating formulas. If you want to powder your face or set it, try to only do it around your t-zone as that’s the more oilier area of your face.


I just learnt this myself not too long ago and it makes so much sense to do this. When you dip your beauty blender or powder puff into powder, tap it onto the back of your hand a few times to even it out. So when you press it into your face, the powder doesn’t cake up in different areas and unevenly spread out. This also takes the excess off so you’re applying less and can gradually build it up if you want.

And there you have it folks! Four reasons for why your makeup may be looking cakey. These are all small steps that can completely change your look by just adding more hydration to your skin and avoiding too much powder. Make sure to follow my Instagram @KhushiKKaur and my Tiktok @xkhushikaurx where my videos on this topic is already up! Have a good dayyy 🙂