I can proudly say I’m damn good at eyeliner. Not showing off or anything, but it’s not a makeup step I struggle with or it takes me long to do. Everyone always asks me how do you do your eyeliner or how do you make it look so good… I have no idea. It just comes so naturally to me but for many people that’s not the case. Obviously I can’t get it perfect myself but if one is slightly higher than the other it honestly doesn’t bother me. But today I’ll be sharing some tips that might help you get that perfect wing!

Tape is your best friend

Using tape as a guideline is probably the easiest thing you can do to get an accurate straight wing. All you need to do is to rip of a small bit and press it against the back of your hand a couple times. This is so the stickiness fades a bit so when you pull it off under your eyes it doesn’t tug the skin. Stick the tape down at whatever angle you want your wing and simply draw along it. Gently pull of the tape and there’ll be no marks or smudges.

Eyeliner pens are probably the easiest ones to use

There are many different types of eyeliners you can get: liquid, pen, pencil, gel etc. Eyeliner pens are really easy to use as you literally just draw it onto your eye, whereas liquid eyeliners have a bit more difficult brush applicator. Pencils are good too but they’re not as pigmented so they’re more subtle and weaker. Gels are good too but with those you need a brush so if you’re not confident with that sort of applicator, pens might be the best one for you.

Try sketching out your liner with pencil first

If you’re really not confident with drawing on an eyeliner straight away, why not sketch it out first? Using an eyeliner pencil, gently draw out where you want your wing, how thick you want your liner etc. And when you’re happy with it, simply go over it with a more stronger eyeliner and just follow the lines.

Know what eyeliner suits your eye shape

Maybe you’re struggling with eyeliner because you’re trying to do a shape that doesn’t even suit your eye shape. If you have a lot of space on your eyelid, you have the freedom to do almost any style of eyeliner. Whereas if you have hooded eyes, you want a more thicker liner as thin ones won’t show as much and you want to bring the wing upwards. Do your research on what eye shape you have, following up with what eyeliner suits it!

Conceal any mistakes at the end

If you make any mistakes while doing your liner, don’t panic. First of all, let it dry completely because if you try to wipe it off while it’s wet, it’s just going to smudge and make more of a mess. All you need to do is grab a q tip, dip it in micellar water and literally wipe it off. If it’s your wing that just needs some smoothing and you have already done your base, simply just take a flat brush and clean it up with concealer.

And there you have it folks! 5 tips to help you get the perfect eyeliner and wing. I’m telling you, the more you do it and practice, it will become easier and take less time. It’s just about knowing what works best for you and your eye shape and going from there, experimenting with different products etc.

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