OK so basically I’ve been feeling like shi* lately when it comes to my eating habits and general diet. I’m actually a really healthy person but if I eat some takeaway or fried food, I will immediately feel like “omg I’m so unhealthy” etccc

So breakfast, as you know, is super important as you are giving your body energy and nourishment after sleeping for hours and not having anything in your system. I’m normally quite bad when it comes to breakfast as I don’t generally have time or motivation to make anything I fancy eating. HOWEVER! The other week my grandma was making some overnight oats for me, herself and my grandad for the next morning, and let me tell you, it turned out amazing! They were sweet, creamy, fresh, cold and ugh just so delicious for the morning; it was even better knowing its healthy!

So lemme give you the breakdown of this recipe –

OATS: Think of overnight oats as just cold porridge, but it’s not thick or gloopy, it’s silky. Grab any oats you have, doesn’t have to be super fancy or expensive, regular oats will do.

MILK: So I drink all types of milk (cows milk, oat, soya, almond) and will use which ever one I fancy. If you use oat milk, your oats will turn out more creamier as they’re obviously made from oats too.

FRUIT, NUTS, SEEDS: Berries are great for this recipe (my favourite combo is blueberries and raspberries) for that freshness. Nuts, seeds and dried fruit are a source of healthy fats, vitamins and minerals, it adds more fibre and creates some nice textures.

SPICES: This is where you can have some fun! For me personally I love to add a little bit of honey, cardamom and cinnamon as I think it gives such nice flavours. You also get some sweetness from the fruit so don’t go over board with trying to make it sweet as there is a lot of natural sugar already.

EXTRAS: I love adding some chia seeds too alongside the oats, as they’re quite tasty and extremely healthy. If you’re new to this healthy eating thing haha, you can add some chocolate chips or perhaps some grated dark chocolate for that little indulgence.

Method –

OK so the assembling of this dish is super easy as you basically eye ball the quantities and just chuck everything in a jar. Firstly, grab a jar or a glass: this will be the amount you’ll be eating in the morning so choose accordingly. Secondly, fill just about 1/3 of your jar with your oats. Add your spices and then chuck in your berries (wash them first), almonds, dried apricots, chia seeds, chocolate chips etc. Then fill up your jar with the milk of your choice and give it a nice mix, combining all the ingredients together. Pop a lid on top or use clingfilm to cover the glass. Slide it into the fridge and let the magic happen overnight! When morning, take it out of the fridge, wait about 10 minutes and ENJOY!

This is so quick, easy, tasty and most importantly healthy! If you’re in uni or college, this is so good for you to make as you can eat on the go and it honestly takes less than 10 minutes to make in the evening. You can experiment with different flavours and ingredients so it’s not always the samey same πŸ™‚

Until next time! x