Hey everyone! Hope you’re all well and had a lovely weekend! If you have been following me, you know I love New York! I dream of moving there when I am older, have a coffee-to-go in the morning on my way to my fashion studio.

I visualise my dream apartment with an open-plan kitchen with a small cosy living room and the best bedroom with the best duvet cover like the one I got from HomeSpace Direct, which I absolutely love!

It has matching pillow cases with a lovely vibrant duvet, in the style of New York! It is perfect for Autumn, as the colours are dark and cozy, and also has a beautiful design of the scenery  of the New York Buildings. To make it special, you can light up some candles or hang up some fairy lights to make it look like you’re actually there!

Newsecenrey York themed photo print bedding. This vintage, distressed style duvet cover shows a black and white New York City. A splash of colour comes from the letters NYC written in the stars and stripes of the American flags. Pillowcases have a matching pattern. With a reverse design of the American flag it’s like getting 2 designs for the price of 1! Also available in single or king sizes.