Hey guys! So if you didn’t already know, I am currently studying a Make-Up Course and am expecting to get my Diploma by the End of The Year, which is really exciting! I am still on Module 1, but I am taking my time on it and taking in all the new facts and techniques which I never knew about. Below I will be writing about the first few topics I have learnt about about Make-Up, the looks, the techniques and how people react to it.

#1 Red Lipstick

“The Red Lip is a sign of prowess, assertiveness and authority” – Red Lipstick shows the elegance and class of a woman, because of the bold vibrant colour standing out.

Here is an Interesting Fact: “Men will spend 7.3 seconds more looking at a woman’s lips when they are wearing red lipsticks.”

#2 Luscious Lashes

Back in the Roman Time, Lashes would be the significance of a woman and it would represent her beauty. They also believed that if the lashes fall out, that means that the woman had many sexual encounters! Weird, right?! Mascara can be used to lengthen, separate and add the volume to the lashes. When paired with eyeliner and eyeshadow, it draws more attention and gives a polished look.



Tip: When applying False Lashes, use mascara to connect your real lashes to the fake ones so they look continuous and natural!

#3 Bright Eyes

“Try and achieve the Bambi-Eyed Look” – This means that the whites have to look brighter, which opens the eyes.

Daytime Look: Hide imperfections and make it look natural!

Nightime Look: Accentuate the features!

Accentuate: to bring out/highlight your features.

I hope you all learned something new and enjoyed this post! Catch you guys later!