Great hair is constant work; however, it need not be something to dread. All you need is a hair-care routine that’s part of your everyday life rather than a ritual that you never have time for. Here are 12 easy tips to have great hair sans the fuss.

Clean hair is healthy hair. All other tips and tricks are of no use if your hair is not clean. So give your hair a thorough wash with a gentle shampoo, but remember not to rub it vigorously to avoid breakage.

Healthy Hair

Find a chemical-free shampoo

You must wash your hair frequently, but this also means you’re rubbing harsh chemicals into your scalp every other day to rid it of dirt and oil. To retain the natural lustre and strength of your hair, opt for a shampoo that’s free of sulfate, parabens and other harmful chemicals.

Learn shampooing do’s and don’ts

There’s more to hair care than just washing your locks regularly. For instance, washing your hair with hot water causes tremendous damage, so always shampoo with cold or lukewarm water. Also, apply shampoo on the scalp and the length of your hair, but avoid using too much product on the ends of your tresses as it can cause split-ends.

Condition right

Find a conditioner that works for your hair rather than simply buying the most popular brand. Apply conditioner on the length of your hair when it’s wet—but not soaking wet—and avoid the scalp. Seal in the goodness of a rich conditioner with a quality serum suited to your hair.

Let it dry

Using a hair-dryer to dry your hair every time you shampoo is the short route to long-term hair damage. Whenever you can, let your hair dry on its own and avoid vigorous rubbing with a towel. Use a detangling comb or your fingers to straighten out your hair gently, and avoid leaving home with wet hair.

Brush it right

Use a good hairbrush on detangled hair and avoid brushing more than three times a day. Brush the end of your locks first and go upward slowly and gently rather than brushing down. Lastly, take time to wash your combs and brushes to keep them clean.

Eat lots of protein-rich foods

To fortify your hair from within, eat foods that are high in protein and vitamins B12 and B6. Eat lean meats, eggs, legumes and lentils for protein, and increase your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables for essential micronutrients.

Don’t oil and oily scalp

If you have an oily scalp, applying more oil will only make it worse. Particularly if you have dandruff, avoid using hair oil as a remedy. Instead, use a medicated dandruff shampoo for a couple of months and then indulge yourself with a head massage once a while.

Use only high-quality hair colour

While colouring is known to affect hair quality over repeated use, opting for a quality hair colour with fewer chemicals does make a difference. So if you really care for your hair but love to colour it just as much, don’t cut corners when going for colouring treatment and get it done by a trained professional only.

Protect your hair before and after a swim

Apply a coat of protective oil such as neem or coconut or olive oil all over your hair, including the scalp, to protect it from damage caused by chlorinated or salty water. And never skip your post-swim shampoo. Swimming introduces your hair to chlorine as well as bacteria and other organisms present in the water. So give your hair a thorough but gentle washing after each swim, whether it’s in a pool or in the ocean.

Accept the feel-good effect of great hair

Spend time caring for your hair and you will see how great it makes you feel. Your hair is an extension of your personality, and healthy, gorgeous hair enhances self-confidence and makes you look good too. For more on how maintaining your hair has a direct impact on your life, read this insightful article at

Keep it trimmed

Few people realize the importance of a haircut in keeping the hair healthy and well-maintained. Getting timely hair-cuts not only keeps split-ends at bay, it also ensures your luscious crown keeps looking great.

Last but not least, treat your hair to a home-made mask, such as a mix of honey and coconut oil, once a week for hair that’s healthy from within.