Hi everyone! Hope you all are well, and most importantly safe! So I am a movie-lover and enjoy my movie nights, either by myself or with my family, so I thought it would be a good idea to present to you the Ultimate List to having a great Movie Night!

First thing first, the movie itself: What are you in the mood for? What movie has just released and you’ve been dying to see? What movie has your friends recommended to you? Whatever it is, make sure the quality and print is good; you don’t want to struggle for almost 2 hours squinting away and trying to figure out whats going on with advertisements continuously covering the screen. To avoid this, use legit websites, production companies and streaming services, such as: Netflix, Amazon Prime, Putlocker, Dailymotion and even YouTube. Or simply just buy/rent the DVD as you get guaranteed good quality and to be honest I think DVDs are more fun in a way!

Secondly, FOOD! Omg something I love! So normally Movie Nights involve unhealthy snacks, fizzy drinks, takeaways and more. Personally I feel like junk food is kinda acceptable and does taste really good with a movie night. My favourites normally include: coke, sweet n salty popcorn, maybe some chocolates and candy, occasionally a takeaway (mostly Chinese), maybe some crisps and ice cream etc. However if you prefer some more healthier options, go for some hummus with carrots, cucumber and pepper, popcorn (because it is healthy), nuts and fruits, vegetable crisps (yh I know potatoes are a vegetable. I mean like kale or sweet potato lol) etc.

Next, be comfy! Don’t die wearing skinny jeans and a handful of jewelry. Let your hair down, slide into your PJs, put on your fluffy socks and relaxxxxxx

comfy clothes – Runjmc

Next, you want to create your ideal environment. What I mean by this is that create the atmosphere you want to enjoy your movie in, for example, clothing the blinds so its pitch black or putting on the fairy lights for a little sparkle, or even a handful of blankets and fluffy pillows for comfort. I like it dark so I get the cinematic experience and I cuddle with my pillows and blankets just for a snuggle.

Marisa Tipped Faux Fur Pillow | Faux fur pillow, Pillows, Fluffy ...

So I think that is all….. lemme check: movie, snacks and comfort! Oh yh, company! If you like to have some company, invite your friends and family over, or have a sleepover and binge watch movies all night! Or if you simply prefer your along time, by all means, enjoy yourself! I hope this helped your Movie Nights and let me know in the comments below what I should I write about next! xoxo