We have officially entered Spring and Summer is not too far to go! So exciting! All the fun; picnics, Gas BBQs (as that’s what my uncle in Norway have got and rave about), Summer outfits, Ice lollies, Swimming Pools and the best one of them all….. VACATION!

Travelling Tips Hacks

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This year we are travelling to Norway, France and Barcelona to start with and I can’t wait! This Blog Post will help you pack the right way with special hacks and tips I have learnt, and also a list of all the things you need from Phone Chargers to Toiletries! Let’s get started!…..

Hack #1

Shoes aren’t only for feet!

If you travelling to a country which requires more than one pair of footwear (e.g trainers for running), you can easily store some more small precious items in your shoes, in your suitcase. For example, if you have an expensive perfume that you don’t want to break, just put it in a sock, fold it gently and place it in your shoe. This way, you perfume bottle has a layer of fabric around it to protect it and a firm shoe to secure it. GOOD, RIGHT?!

Hack #2

Buy Suitcase Organisers

If you want to have as much space as possible before you start shopping in  New York’s biggest mall, you have to make sure that all your clothes, presents, accessories and neatly packed in your suitcase. The best way to do this is to buy suitcase organizers: they are fairly cheap (you can get them from eBay for a few pounds), they range from various sizes, come in various colours, and are made out of fabric, so they can get squashed and nothing will happen to them. I would suggest using the Large Pouches for all your Clothes and big items, and the small pouches for accessories and toiletries.

Hack #3

Do you HATE getting bracelets and necklaces tangled up?

If you love to bring jewellery with you, like anklets of bracelets, but get frustrated and don’t have the patience to de-tangle them, then you need a straw! All you have to do is hold one end of your bracelet and slide the other end into the straw and just clip it together (or any way your bracelet closes)! It’s that simple and can work with bracelets. anklets and necklaces. This is a very useful hack as your jewellery won’t get tangled and can spot it easily.

Hack #4

Love Music, Hate De-Tangling!

When you are travelling and listening to music, sometimes you don’t have time to fold up your earphones and instead just drop it into your bag. Then when you need your earphones, they are all tangled up 🙁 Not to worry, because all you need is a small hair clip! When you plug out your earphones, just quickly wrap it around your finger and clip it, so it is altogether like a hairband. This way, your earphones don’t get tangled and you have a small hair accessory in case of an emergency!

I hope these hacks will help you in the future for your next exciting travels, but now, moving onto the Packing List:

Handbag/Hand Luggage –

  • Headphones
  • Sunglasses
  • Facial Wipes – Cleanse yourself through your journey, so you feel fresh and clean
  • Earphones
  • Tissues – In case of emergencies (a runny nose, dirt etc)
  • Wallet – Money, Credit Cards etc
  • iPod/MP3 Player
  • Chargers
  • Anti-Bacterial Gel – Aeroplanes on toilets don’t always have soaps, so always keep this
  • Tablet
  • Water Bottle – Keep an empty water bottle, so you can fill it up when you get through security
  • Lip Balm – No one likes dry lips
  • Travel Mirror – Make sure eyeliner is not smudged!
  • Compact Hair Brush – Hair has to be in fleek!
  • Gum – Who doesn’t like gum?
  • Notebooks – Need to keep busy
  • Snacks – If you have an early morning flight, you should bring a small snack like a cereal bar
  • Adaptors – Different countries = Different Adaptors
  • Sun Cream – Don’t want to get sunburnt
  • Pencil Case – For notebooks
  • PassPort/ Important Papers  –  Obvious!

Okay, so these were my hacks, tips, and list for Packing! I hope you found these useful and they worked out for you….. HAPPY PACKING! 🙂 🙂 🙂