Streetwear is definitely a style that has been trending for a while now. But now more than ever as it’s just so popular on social media and across the world, and everyone is experimenting with different pieces. I’m 100% a fan of streetwear as first of all it’s so stylish and eye-catching. But secondly it’s also very comfy as lot’s of the pieces are usually oversized and baggy. Streetwear inspired outfits are also made with layering a lot of the items, so: vests, jumpers, jackets, gloves, scarves etc.

I know that streetwear outfits are thrifted a lot; many vintage items are incorporated such as vintage Adidas jackets or Nike tracksuit bottoms. This makes streetwear outfits pretty affordable as it’s not about the brands, but more on how you style your outfits, based on colour, fit etc. I had my first thrifting experience earlier this year where I found a couple vintage Adidas windbreakers which I’m still obsessed with.

I recently collaborated with FemmeLuxe, where they sent me this stone high neck padded cropped puffer jacket. I feel puffer jackets are great as the padding provides insulation and the cropped look is very stylish. However I do not recommend wearing any crop tops with cropped puffer jackets and the coldness will easily seep in 😭.

How to style a cropped puffer jacket:

Recently, I styled this outfit which I wore to London for a Christmas Market. And I received so many compliments! My Instagram followers loved this look, hence I thought to write an outfit breakdown for you all 🙂


Black cut-out bodysuit from New Look. As it’s getting colder, I had to wear a full sleeve top and one that was full length (not cropped). Neutral colours, as well as black, go well with anything so this was a great pair. Black is always a safe and flattering colour, however the stone from the jacket brings some brightness back. That cut-out element from the bodysuit also adds that extra “spice” as you get a peak of skin but it’s not at all too revealing.


Khaki oversized utility/cargo pants. I am a big a fan of cargo pants and I wear these specific ones all the time. Unfortunately I don’t know the brand as I bought these in a market, but you can find them in almost any shop. If you’re looking for affordable ones, Primark has started selling them and they look quite nice. This gives that streetwear element already as the pants are oversized, stylish but also casual.


OK so these trainers weren’t my first option but I didn’t have anything else back then (I bought new trainers on black friday 😭). But these trainers are from Shoe Zone and are just regular black trainers. Streetwear looks normally involves retro-looking trainers or chunky trainers. This adds that pop of colour, height and just a fun element to the look. This way you can coordinate matching coloured accessories to the shoes if your clothes aren’t similar colours.


Of course we have the gorgeous cropped puffer from FemmeLuxe. This jacket is warm, comfy and snug. Perfect for so many outfits and styles, and not just only autumn but also great for spring. It also adds more texture and layers to this look as it’s so puffy, almost matching with the oversized pants. Definitely a good investment!


For accessories, I bought along with me a super large beige and black bag from InWear. This bag perfectly matches the top half of my outfit, but then also links to the black shoes. Leaving the khaki trousers to be that pop of colour! But as the trousers are quite dull in colour, it still looks casual and effortless.

And there you have it! One of my streetwear inspired looks with FemmeLuxe, perfect for the colder seasons. (The day I wore this outfit, it wasn’t so cold, so feel free to add a chunky scarf, a knitted jumper etc). Drop a comment below if you want more outfit breakdowns where I share where I get certain items from and how to style them. Make sure to check out my Instagram as I post EVERDAY and share my love for makeup and fashion.

Stay warm out there! x