So in July, I moved to Norway temporarily to work and save up money as I’m currently on a gap year. I moved back to England in October and have been job hunting ever since. It was hard especially because I wasn’t enrolled in any school and all my friends and family lived quite far. So yeah it wasn’t easy. BUT… I GOT A JOB YESTERDAY! I tried sooo many things and spent so much time and effort looking for jobs within these past two months. If you’re in the same position looking for a job, I got the best job tips for you! It most likely won’t happen overnight but just trust the process and before you know it you’ll be employed!


Anyone can apply via email or websites but there’s a smaller chance you’ll be noticed. If you go into the store you’re applying to, the employer will see you’re eager and you’ll get a chance to introduce yourself. This way you can offer what you bring to the table and show your energy in which they’ll be more interested. When you apply online, it’s all words and no action. Whereas if you apply in store, you get a chance to present yourself and show why you deserve the job compared to others.


My mum would always say to me send follow-up emails or call the places to show you’re interested after applying. I always thought of that coming across as annoying for the company in case I’m bothering them. But I can definitely say it increases your chances of being hired! I once applied for a job through Indeed like several other people. But after a few days I also emailed them following up showing I’m eager and it led to me getting an interview. And the employer herself told me she really appreciated me following up and it made me stand out amongst the other candidates. So yes, follow up with an email a few days after applying to show you’re really interested in working for them!


Indeed is great to discover jobs in your local areas. It shares position availability, hourly pay, requirements etc. So it’s great! However I recommend using those details to find the company’s contact details and applying from there. Like I mentioned above, several people apply through Indeed and you need to stand out if you want the job. Go to the company’s website, scroll to their email address and apply like that. Mention in your email your strengths, availability, ideal position and of course your CV.


There’s absolutely no point in lying about anything as it will get you nowhere in the job process. If you lie about a certain skill you possess, there might be a chance that the employer asks further about it. Or even ask you to perform it during a trial shift. Also when employers ask what your weaknesses are, be honest. Because from there you both can work together to improve those habits or lack of skills etc. For example, I mention that my time management isn’t the best and I tend to run late sometimes, because that’s my genuine answer to the question. Just make sure to mention that you’re working on it and it won’t be a frequent occurrence for when you work!


If you go to an interview without knowing anything about the company, it comes across as very unprepared. Employees expect you to have done your “homework” and to know what they expect from you. So the roles you’ll be taking, tasks to perform, facts to know etc. This also shows that you’re interested in working for the company and that you’re not just looking for a job. The best way to do this is to go the company website and read through the “About Us” section. Obviously don’t memorize every fact, but just familiarise yourself with a general overview.


I hope you have learnt something new from this post and it helps you get a job successfully! These are all things I have learnt throughout the year while looking for jobs and for me it worked very well. I hope it does the same for you!