This year Mum and I will be growing herbs, fruit and vegetables in this lovely Walk-in-Growhouse from Primrose.
Walk-In Growhouse
I am quite looking forward to trying out these ‘SeedBalls’ by Seed Ball UK. The tins includes: Salad Mix (Rocket, Greek Cress, Kale, Red Mustard & Green Mustard – 600 seeds per tin), Herb Mix (Basil, Chives, Sweet Marjoram, Dill & Parsley – 2000 seeds per tin) and Tea Mix (Egyptian Mint, Anise & Chamomile – 2000 seeds per tin).
Below are some of the crops we are planning to grow this year! Swiss Chard Rainbow Mix | Parisian Carrots | Genovese Basil | Italian Tomato San Marino | Lavender