Hiya, and welcome back to my blog! First of all, let me begin by wishing you all a Happy New Year, and I hope everyone is staying well, safe and happy! As it’s a new year, I’ve decided to update my blog and I’ve officially changed it to a TRAVELLING BLOG! How excitinggggg!

So yesterday, I sorta had a realization that I will be turning 18 next year and how I have so many decisions to make, regarding my studies, Uni, work, moving out etccc . After crying a few tears, talking to my mum and my best friend, I finally settled on what I want to do next year, and just my future in general! I want to be an Air Hostess. Now let me break this down, before any of you start judging!

I am currently studying a Travel and Tourism Course online and am hoping to get my qualification by this year Summer. Next year I’ll be 18 and I hope to work in the Airport and work my way up to becoming an Air Hostess. I’ve ALWAYS LOVED TRAVELLING and the airport just brings me good vibes as families are traveling to different countries for holidays etc and it’s nice to see that! Being an Air Hostess brings many opportunities: you are basically getting paid to go to countries, you get to meet new people, learn valuable life skills and many more.


With the courses I’m taking right now in college, this helps me work my up to become a travel blogger! I get to explore the world, take amazing photographs, review places and so much more! If you are turning 18 next year and don’t know what to, my advice to you is to not panic but start getting realistic and decide what you want to do in the future. Trust me when I say I know it’s hard making these difficult decisions and its scary, with all the different possibilities and opportunities. I’ve wanted to be so many things all these years ranging from a dancer to a chef. Even though I’m not flexible to do any cool dance moves lol!

Well anywaysss I just wanted to let everyone know with what’s happening with blog and what I’ve decided to do!

(I also apologize for not being active on my blog. This is a New Year and I’m going to start writing blog posts very often for any of you who are reading this! 🙂 )

Until next timeeeee,

Miss Khushi Kaur xoxo