Hey guys! Hope you are all good and had a great weekend! Now I don’t know about you, but the temperature has just dropped and I AM FREEZING, like all the time! … Meaning Autumn has officially arrived !!!

Autumn is personally my favourite season because of all the colours, the weather, decor etc. Today’s Blog Post will be my “Autumn Musts” and all those essential Autumn clothing which will bring that special warm vibe in your wardrobe, shown through your style! xx

  1. The Teddy Jacket

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This is the item that will give you the perfect snuggle and cosiness, and its stylish design made from teddy faux fur gives an oversized comfy look. I absolutely love this jacket because its warm, plush and will go with any staple basic items you wear. I recently purchased one myself from Primark as there was a huge price drop from £20 to £10, so I just had to buy it 🙂

          2. Burnt Orangeee

Burnt Orange items are very popular in Autumn because of how the reflect the leaves and colours in the season (pumpkins, nature, warmth etc). I think the colour looks really good as tops/body suits and skirts as they can be paired with other items, for example: a burnt orange bodysuit or top would look nice with high waisted jeans, and a burnt orange denim skirt would look great with a full sleeve back top.

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3. The whole “Denim” Collection

I really love Denim clothes because of their fit, colour and style; it made from cotton and has a sturdy structure. I think they are great to wear in Autumn because their thickness will keep you warm and they can literally be worn with anything! Denim Jackets, skirts, trousers/jeans and jumpsuits can be selected in different colours, lengths and style which makes every outfit special in its own way.

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So these are just three Autumn Clothings that, if you possess, you will rock this season! Personally of this list, I own 1 teddy bear jacket from Primark, I have one burnt orange dress from M&S (I think…) and a Cream Denim Jacket  from I SAW IT FIRST and many jeans from various brands, H&M etc

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