When it comes to going out, everyone has their own party ootd they feel great wearing on a night out. Some people might like to show some skin, some people want to wear super sparkly dresses and others perhaps are more business casual. I haven’t been out a lot to know what my aesthetic is but I’m definitely a dress person leaning more towards a little black dress. The colourful show-stopper pieces are not really my thing but something sleek and flattering is definitely a yes. But whenever going out, you should wear something that gives you all the confidence and makes you feel your most beautiful! Today I’ve collaborated with FemmeLuxe to style 3 different party looks for everyone’s different aesthetics to make you feel best on your night out! So let’s get started 🙂


The first item I received from FemmeLuxe was this black high neck long sleeve cut out side bodycon mini dress. As it’s Autumn, we definitely need a coat that’s long and thick and will keep us warm. Especially since it’s a mini dress lol. Hence I paired it up with this gorgeous sleek black trench coat. For shoes, you can’t go wrong with knee high heeled boots as it works very well with shorter clothes and they elongate your legs. Lastly for accessories, a cute black clutch is enough for your phone, money and lipstick for a night out. As there’s limited colour to this look, try to incorporate some gold or silver  jewelry. See what looks better with your skin complexion and that will complete the look. And there you have it, the little black dress look!


Let me just begin saying, I am OBSESSED with this look! The next item I was lucky to get was this black mesh corset crop top. Instead of sticking to just black again, we need a pop of colour to really bring out that glamour and chicness. SO what not crimson red? This colour screams elegance and sophistication, especially with the satin wide leg pants and matching blazer jacket. To keep that black element of the look, grab some platform black heels alongside a handbag and voila! You get that sexiness from the mesh detailing from the top but still class from the blazer and trouser set. The perfect combo! In terms of makeup, there are two choices: either a red lip and a cat wing; or if that’s too much, try a nude lip/lip gloss with a subtle glitter eyeshadow.


First of all, can we appreciate how fun the name of this ootd is haha. Corsets were a big thing earlier this year, especially when bridgerton came out. The last item FemmeLuxe sent me was a champagne satin long sleeve crop top which is so pretty! Now this look is for all those sparkle lovers out there. Grab a midi sequined a-line skirt alongside a sparkly cross body bag.  To incorporate more of the champagne tones, find yourself a sleeveless beige trench coat so people can still see the gorgeous puff satin sleeves and square neckline. For shoes, keep it simple with a pair of open toe high heels and there you have it! This look is definitely over the top, so why not add some more sparkle with a glittery eye shadow and a shimmery lip. This outfit is glamorous, sparkly and still has the autumnal feel by the colours and style of the coat.

Why am I suggesting crossbody bags rather than other styles?

I feel cross body bags are the most practical when on a night out because of two reasons. You won’t lose your bag as it’s always around your body Secondly, they’re they perfect size as you only need a few items: phone, toiletries, makeup etc.

Guys I’m just giving you a warning. Autumn will be finished in just a couple weeks so this is your last chance to style some super cute outfits for the season! I’m talking teddy jackets, ankle boots, fishnet tights etc. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out my previous collaboration with FemmeLuxe where I styled 4 Autumn OOTDS perfect for school, a day out and even work.

Let me know in the comments your favourite party ootd i’ve written about or something you like to wear when you go out! FemmeLuxe has some GREAT sale right now so be to sure to check out something for yourself or others as christmas presents. Thank you FemmeLuxe for this collaboration, until next time 🙂