Last month, I got Press Passes For London Aquarium Sea World and I had an amazing experience! I and my family had a fabulous trip as we got to see beautiful sea creatures, read fascinating facts about them, and much more. The display of each section was very creative and artistic, which made it very fun and exciting for kids. Personally, my favourite part was the Penguins because it was so exciting to see them in real life and watch them rapidly jump in and out of the water. We had Tuna Sandwiches for lunch, but then felt bad as we were watching fish while eating them! 🙁  The Staff were really friendly and open to any questions we had to ask, as there were so many to ask as everything was so interesting! My favourite animals to see were the penguins, sharks, turtles and jellyfish. Thank You so much for this incredible opportunity and unforgettable experience!

Trip to SEA LIFE London Vlog