yes i know… long time no see. but i’m back! this year has been so busy so far but since exams and college are done, be sure to expect blog posts from me on a regular basis 🙂

so, today’s blog post: travel tips for people on a budget. i’m pretty sure most of you have booked holidays for the upcoming weeks, an exciting week to america or perhaps somewhere more tropical. you deserve it! but if you’re a person on a tight budget, there are some things you should consider whilst planning your holidays.

hotels aren’t the only option

there are so many alternatives to hotels when needing a place to stay abroad, one being hostels. these are your best friend when on a budget as they are incredibly cheaper than hotels, which allows you to be more flexible with your money. granted, you won’t be getting a mini-fridge in your room, but you’ll receive the basics which is honestly all you need if you don’t have that much to spend. another is airbnb: they are cheaper than hotels as they don’t worry about costs of management and such, whereas hotels do as they’re large-scale operations. they can be more expensive than hotels so do your research and you can find some pretty good deals.

plan what you’re going to do before-hand

to ensure you get the most out of your trip, do your research before you get on your flight. i’m all for being spontaneous, but it’s also good to plan what and where you want to go so you have some idea. check out which restaurants you want to eat at, any museums you want to visit etc. this way you also get the most out of your holiday! additionally, you can get an idea of how much you’ll be spending on attractions and experiences, so you can budget it easier.

create a budget plan

not all people have the luxury to spend money freely when and wherever they want, and that’s ok! you can easily create a budget plan which allows you to get a rough idea of where your money should go based on each aspect of your holiday. have a limit on money on food, shopping and experiences as you know where your money is going and it’s not being spent thoughtlessly.

consider non-direct flights

now if you’re on a really low budget, maybe opt for non-direct flights instead of direct flights. the only catch to this is that they are most likely going to take much longer than the average travel time, but the price difference is normally quite significant. if you want to get to your destination asap, then this is not for you. but if you don’t mind flying an extra few hours while binge-watching part two of stranger things, i don’t see a problem.

travel with a friend!

you know those set meals for 2 you see at restaurants, and how they’re cheaper than buying 2 individual meals? well this applies to travelling too. you can find prices for hotels, flights, food etc at a cheaper cost for 2 people than 1 person as you split the cost between the two of you. this money you save may be a small amount (or it could be significant) but every little counts when you’re on a budget!

so here are 5 tips which hopefully helps you out a bit if you’re on a tight budget. drop a comment down below if you’re going on a holiday this year and where you’re going! c u next week 🙂