Many teens dream of living in a place different from the one in which they grew up – I know I do! And, each year, thousands of teens follow their dreams by taking up a study abroad opportunity, whether they study for the whole duration of their course or just for a few weeks during the summer.

Living abroad has many different benefits for students, for example, the opportunity to learn to speak a new language, make new life-long friends and learn more about a different culture. And, for many young people, traveling abroad to study means that they quickly become much more mature and independent – and to add to it; great career opportunities! Let’s face it, there are endless benefits to working abroad, right?


The decision to study abroad, whether for a long or short period of time, is definitely not one which you should take lightly. Although studying abroad is certainly an eye-opening learning experience which will give you a different perspective and a more mature outlook on the world, it’s important to get together with your parents and discuss the different options to decide whether or not you are ready for this lifestyle change. Whether you’ve been offered a scholarship to study or want to study a language abroad, it’s important to make sure that you are ready for what lies ahead of you.


When you are preparing for studying abroad, it’s important that you ask some vital questions in order to come to a decision that works best for everyone involved.

Students who apply for exchange programs and study abroad opportunities need to be able to overcome a number of different obstacles, and nobody knows you better than you do when it comes to deciding whether or not you will thrive when studying in a foreign country.

Being an exchange student is all about trying new things, therefore you should ask yourself whether or not you are open-minded and excited by change – if you don’t handle change well, studying abroad might not be the best option for you.


Ultimately, the decision to study abroad is down to you, but it’s a good idea to ensure that your parents are as involved as possible in your decision in order to help guide you in the right direction and offer support when it is needed. It’s important to ask yourself a range of questions, with one of the most important being your reasons for wanting to study abroad. Understanding why you want to pursue overseas education is vital for ensuring that you choose the right type of university, course or exchange program. Make sure that you understand all the implications of overseas study – for example applying for a visa, whether or not you will be able to work part-time whilst completing your course and where you will be living.

Studying abroad is a massive decision for you to make, but it could well be the best one that you do. It’s always a good idea to take a tour of the country you want to study in like explore Swiss life and culture.

Good Luck!