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My name is Khushi (which means Happiness) and I am 12.5 years old. I was born in Norway, but moved to London with my Mummy when I was 4.

I won the Bronze Award for my blog at Hertfordshire Digital Awards in September 2016.

I was a Guest Panelist at the Marketing Festival last year.

I am a Youth Ambassador for The Eve Appeal which is a Gynaecological Cancer Charity.

Plus I was a Junior Bake Off contestant in 2015, you can view my episode and photos here.

My hobbies are cooking, dancing and singing, playing piano, making friends, shopping and eating and of course watching movies. Did I mention I love travelling? My dream is to collect one thing from each country and have a collection in my home 🙂 Pretty amazing right!?

I am passionate about food and see myself as a Foodie 🙂 You can check out some of my cooking here. Do visit Passion for Food which is Mum’s and mine official ‘Foodie’ website with loads of inspiration, guides, reviews, how-to-guide, recipes, interviews and more.

For the last couple of years, I have been reviewing products for us kids, everything from books gadgets, toys and food. You can check out my reviews here.

So if you have products that’s aimed for 11+ and would like me to review them, feel free to get in touch at khushi @ kiransingh.net

8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. This is an amazing blog! What a wonderful job you have done with this Happiness.
    I will be reading these regularly. Keep up the fantastic job!

  2. My dear Khushi, it is wonderful, you have done a very astounding job. Keep it up. You work is worth millions and is as sweet as you are.

  3. Dear Khushi,

    You have done an outstanding job!

    I work with Sikh Channel and we would love for you to be a guest on our show! We want to talk about your Bronze Award and yourself!
    If this is something you would be interested in, please email me!

    Wish you all the best!

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