Dream, Girl! Ambassador

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I am an Ambassador for Dream, Girl!

Hello everyone! I know have been quiet lately, but I have some amazing news to share with you! I am officially an ambassador for 'Dream, Girl' and I am super excited!! We know the names of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and…

Winner Hertfordshire Digital Awards

I am super proud and excited to share with you all that I won the Bronze Award for my blog at Hertfordshire Digital Awards tonight!

Preparing for College

Going to college has become an increasingly common route for school leavers to take in recent years. It’s for the best and will help them on their journey. It's the perfect time for your teen to mature and gain their…

Hello and Welcome to ‘It’s a Teen’s Life’!

My name is Khushi Kaur and I am the Editor of this blog and Co-founder of Passion for Food – both Award Winning. I am 14 years old, Winner of the Bronze Award for my blog at Hertfordshire Digital Awards, Guest Panelist at the Marketing Festival, Youth Ambassador for The Eve Appeal, Junior Bake Off 2015 contestant and Ambassador for Dream! Girl. I am passionate about food and cooking, a big lover of make-up & fashion!

This blog is simply about my life!